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    Regd Address :- Borbari,   House No.69 VIP Road,

    Kamprup Metropolitan, Guhwati Assam 781 036


    What do I choose for Baby Name consultation Namkaraa)

    You may select the audio tape consultation No 1 listed as New Relationship consultation for this question.

    Kundali Milaan/ Compatibility/ LEGAL Court Case/ Property/ Vehicle ?

    You may select the short 30 min consultation towards the same. Thanks

    Do you offer Birth Time rectification?

    Yes, you may add 25% cost to your consultation fees and I will assist you with the same. You can select your reading and also add rectification option in your cart. Thanks

    Do you accept international payment?

    Yes, you may transfer using Transfer wise once your order is created online.

    Do you accept payments via Paypal?

    Yes, you may email me to check about Paypal as an option.